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Khalyla Khuhn: Get To Know Something Interesting

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Regarding the well-known star Khalyla Khuhn, we have some fascinating facts. This will include all the pertinent information concerning her life. So let’s begin her biography.

Early Life Of Khalyla Khuhn

The birthplace of Khalyla Khuhn was in Cebu, Philippines and she was born in On October 31, 1984. Her mother, Marites Khuhn, is Filipino, while her father is American. She also has a sister who followed her and a mother who left the nation when she was quite little.

She attended Cebu International Institution, a Philipinian institution, for her formal education. As we learn more about her, it becomes clear that she has always been interested in acting and modeling and that she aspires to fame.

Khalyla Khuhn Qualifications And Achievements


After completing her high school education, Khalyla enrolled in college and chose to study biochemistry. After finishing her studies, she started working as a tutor and taking courses to enable him to teach a variety of subjects, including microbiology, anatomy, and physiology.

As we talk about her achievements, she achieved many things in her life along with her husband. Unfortunately didn’t get any award yet but as she was serving her abilities towards different platforms she will get the award soon for sure.

Khalyla Khuhn Profession And Hobbies

She is also a professional swimmer. She competes in different competitions and also wins. She started this profession at the age of six. Moreover, she is a YouTuber, podcaster, content creator, and much more. Her reason for fame is her reality show “TigerBelly” also popular in her hometown and on social media too. There is also another show that she hosts called “Trash Tuesday”. For this, she has another YouTube channel too.

As we know she is an active person that’s why she loves doing activities that keep her active. As per that, she spent a lot of time outside doing different things. She also loves to go hiking, exploring, and sailing. She is also a dog lover and a big fan of UFC. She even competed in it in 2019 and ranked as the best competitor.

Khalyla Khuhn

Khalyla Khuhn Social Media Activities

In essence, she is an influencer on social media. She co-hosted a program named “TigerBelly” with Bobby Lee, who later became her husband as well. There are many individuals that listen to that podcast, which also receives a lot of views on YouTube and listens on other social media sites.

Followings on all of her social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, grew quickly after she got married to her co-host due to her growing celebrity.

Khalyla Khuhn Husband And What He Do

As we all know, she did a reality show named “TigerBelly” with a very known comedian and actor Bobby Lee. Basically, both started knowing each other through Tinder. After that they started their relationship for a long period. and finally, they got married in August 2016 in New York City.

Bobby Lee is well known for her comedy and also he is very wealthy too. He has an interest in tall women and there he meets khalyla khuhn who has a perfect long height compared to him. But he loved her and also she gave him all his support whenever he needed it.



What’s the height of khalyla khuhn?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and as we say in matters she is 1.67 m tall.

Did Khalyla Khuhn Have Any Tattoos?

Yes she has different tattoos inked on her body.


What’s her net worth?

She earned much better from her profession. Her net worth is approximately 2-3 million USD.

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